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<b>30 años de experiencia</b> en el desarrollo y producción de envases tubulares colapsibles laminados, desde Chile para América Latina y el mundo…


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Tubular containers

The technologies of our machines generate a quality of the product of the highest standards, as well as a great volume of production. The installations allow the processing of flexible polymer laminates, such as plastic barrier lamination (PLB) and aluminium barrier Laminate (ABL) of different qualities and thicknesses. 

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Tubular containers

The material Laminated It is printed using technology Letterpress UV, which offers the possibility to capture up to six colors more varnish. The printed coils are then mounted on the garment machines. The preparation of the tubes in one piece can be done through two technologies. High frequency (AISA), where the shoulder is already prefabricated and binds to the body of the Tube by bands of the electromagnetic spectrum. and by the plastic injection (PSG-TET), conforming the shoulder in the body of Laminated, the fusion in this case is produced by heat. 


Impresión <b>DIGITAL</b>


Digital printing technology combines high-quality graphics with speed and flexibility. The tube decoration is made with millimetre precision, combining all the colors of the CMYK range.