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We work with the highest standards of quality, in order to satisfy all the necessities and to concretize your ideas.

30 years of experience in tubular packaging and teamwork with our customers make Tubopack the industry's preferred partner. Our permanent exchange of experience is what allows us to improve the quality and presentation of the final product and stimulate the consumer's interest without increasing the cost of the final product.

<b>Tubos Laminados</b>

The laminated tubes take the main benefits of the aluminium and plastic tubes and merges them into a laminated tube giving the best Brand image due to the high esthetic qualities that allow high quality print HD, as much in Off Set Leterpress as in Digital.

They effectively protect the contents of the tube thanks to several overlapping layers, one of which makes the barrier function.

Depending on the product and the contents, laminated tubes may have a barrier layer of aluminum or plastic.

Laminated tubes represent an easy, hygienic and safe packing method. Grant conditions That efficiently avoid the leakage of Volatile substances and protection against UV rays.

Laminated tubes are suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, dental, industrial and veterinary products.

<b>Tubos PBL</b>

<b>Tubo PBL (Plastique Barrier Laminate)</b>
It is a laminated tube with several layers, but without aluminum. The barrier layer is made of EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol) which has the function of protecting the contents of the tube and prolong its useful life. It has the peculiarity of having more "memory" than the ABL tubeI mean It returns to its original shape after every use of the consumer.

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<b>Tubos ABL</b>

<b>Tubo ABL (Aluminium Barrier Laminate)</b>
This tube, also called collapsible, is formed by a thin layer of aluminum integrated between the plastic layers, which gives protection to the contents of the tube. The result is a metall tube that complies with the highest quality standards of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

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Impresión <b>DIGITAL</b>


Digital printing technology combines high-quality graphics with speed and flexibility. The tube decoration is made with millimetre precision, combining all the colors of the CMYK range.