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About Us

We are a Chilean company of Swiss origin, leaders in manufacture and supply of tubular containers Collapsible Laminate, From Three layers (trilaminated And many more, which can include a layer of aluminum or all plastic. 

We have been supplying the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and industrial sectors for 30 years.

From Santiago de Chile, we serve the national market and all the world with the best service and printing technology

"We offer the best quality, product image and service experience in tubular packaging solutions for your brand."
Fernando Garcia
General Manager

<b>Nuestra Misión</b>

"To contribute to the health and well-being of the people around the world, putting at their disposal containers of the highest quality, and managing the businesses in a way that create value for the company, for our clients and for the Society" 

<b>Nuestra Visión</b>

"To be recognized as the leading company in Packaging Tubular at the regional level, by its customers, employees, suppliers, consumers and all interest groups related to the company's activity. " 

<b>Nuestros Valores</b>


The satisfaction of our customers is what moves us every day.


Teamwork, proactivity and collective talent identify us.


For excellence and sustainable results in the long term. We work with the mind and with the heart.


For the diversity, traditions and culture of our clients, collaborators and countries of destination.


With the job security, with the permanent innovation, the continuous improvement and the spirit of service.